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Government Affairs

The Chamber is glad to welcome Morris Porton as our Government Affairs Director.  Morris represents the Chamber under the direction of the Advocacy Committee.  His duties include developing and executing a strategic government relations plan on local, state and federal levels, as well as advocating on behalf of the the Greater Hernando County Chamber of Commerce and its members to ensure public policies, legislation and regulations are conducive to a positive and successful business environment.

During the year, Morris provides reports to the Advocacy Committee which include current issues and ongoing issues that may need discussion.  These reports are also presented to the Chamber's Board of Directors.

Currently, the Advocacy Committee allows for 11 voting members that are Chamber members and have voting rights.  The committee discusses issues that may affect its members and community.  Please review the website for more information and a list of the current members.  We welcome interested parties to visit us at any of our meetings.  If you decide, and there is an opening, we welcome your application that can be found online.

Each report will be available for review.  Please contact Morris or the Chamber should you have questions or concerns.

Morris Porton
Government Affairs Director
(352) 584-6680
(352) 796-0697


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