Young Professionals

Are you a young professional interested in the future of Hernando County? Do you want to become active and engaged in your community and expand your network? 

The Young Professionals Networking Group (YP) is a meaningful networking organization of dedicated, talented young professionals who are Young in Heart and Young in Business throughout Hernando County. This group began with a simple agenda: To enrich our community by uniting and developing our Young Professionals.


The Young Professional's mission is to provide community support through Events, Volunteering for charities and helping our members develop quality Networking relationships.


The focus of the Young Professionals is to help our members connect to the programs and people that help them achieve their professional goals. The YP committee is made up of the movers and shakers of Hernando County: Real Estate, Banking, Law, Education, Employment, Healthcare, Tourism, Finance and Marketing.

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Lindsey Hack (352) 796-6000
Philip Undestad (352) 796-1451
Eric Vanderham (352) 684-6988


Partnered with the Chamber Education Training Association (CETA), the Young Professional's vision is to support Education and Training within Hernando County. The Young Professional's aspire to be the voice of all Young Professionals in our community. Through our member's energy, enthusiasm and talents, we hope to stand out as the most encouraging asset in developing our County's future.


We are a FREE group that is open to both Chamber and Non-Chamber members alike. We identify and recruit Young Professionals who are Young in Heart and Young in Business in Hernando County to join our organization and to promote not only the business they represent, but to promote the benefits of Young Professionals to individuals, businesses and groups interested in becoming active YP members.



Chamber and Non-Chamber Members Alike:

  • FREE membership into the G.H.C.C.C. Young Professionals
  • Member Highlight Opportunities to provide members with 5 minutes during our Monthly Networking Meetings to talk about their profession to other YP members
  • Opportunities to hear from our community and surrounding community's existing, past and future leaders
  • Create networking opportunities
  • Contribute to and enrich the community
  • Provide opportunities for educational and professional development
  • Build awareness of governmental processes and issues
  • Provide an outlet for volunteer information and opportunities
  • Provide understanding of the community
  • Create and cultivate future leaders
  • Work to keep our Young Professionals in Hernando County
  • Foster economic development and revitalization of Hernando County

Chamber Members Exclusive (Includes all of the above plus):

  • Opportunities to become a YP Co-Chair
  • Opportunities to sit on the Advisory Committee
  • Opportunities to sit on the Planning Committee
  • Opportunities to promote the Young Professionals at the Monthly Greater Hernando County Chamber of Commerce Membership Breakfast
  • Opportunities to promote the Young Professionals through video, radio, and other forms of public communications
  • Opportunities to speak at Chamber and Non-Chamber events and community engagements


The Young Professionals work hard at communicating, promoting and creating awareness for other Young Professionals within our community. We work on utilizing our existing resources to better communicate with existing and future members, and with the community as a whole.

Connect with your local Young Professional's Co-Chairs:
Lindsey Hack - Spherion Staffing (
Sarah Duncan - North American Title (
Phil Undestad - Killingsworth Insurance (


The YP strives to educate and inform local young professionals as to significant public policy issues and concerns that directly impact their personal, social and professional lives. We advocate for positions that benefit young professionals and provide a public forum to further communication between its members and all areas within local, state and federal government.


We partner with local foundations to connect young professionals with non-profit boards and committees who desire their expertise, network and guidance. We also provide leadership training opportunities through the Chamber’s Pillar of Training.


Develop relationships with businesses in the Hernando County through sponsorship of the YP events.


We inspire our members to connect their high energy, passions and enthusiasm to our largely diverse non-profit community in Hernando County, forging them to develop and maintain meaningful relationships.

We encourage all Chamber and Non-Chamber individuals interested in dramatically increasing their local connections, who want to contribute their support Education and Training programs, and/or are just looking to meet new people in Hernando County to join us for our:


3rd Thursday 
5:30 pm-7:00 pm
Various locations throughout the County

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Every Month Networking Social:
Planned, coordinated and executed by the planning committee to provide opportunities for our current members to connect with other current and future members in comfortable and engaging settings. Our socials are held on the Third (3rd) Thursday of the month from 5:30 - 7:30 PM. The locations are to be announced by the Advisory Committee through the Young Professional's Facebook page, e-mail communications, and through the Chamber's written and electronic communication efforts.

Annual Hop n' Glow Event:
Planned, coordinated and executed by the planning committee, along with any event partners and sponsors to create our annual glow-in-the-dark and black light themed fundraising event, "Hop n' Glow". Hop n' Glow gives the Young Professionals an opportunity to bring our local Hernando County residents, friends and families, together with our local Hernando County businesses and organizations in one place for free entertainment, free crafts, and free activities/games, our guests will also be provided with some local shopping, and dining experiences as well. All proceeds from this event are donated back to local Chamber Non-Profit organizations who offer Educational and/or Training programs for the community. This signature event is held every year from 5:30 - 9:00 PM the night before Easter and is known for bringing together more than 3,500 individuals and 60+ businesses together for a little "fun after the sun!"