Leadership Hernando

Although some are born leaders, most men and women of accomplishment are quick to acknowledge that they reached their full potential because of the valuable insight and inspiration of proven leaders. To be the best in your chosen profession- whether in the military, government, healthcare, public service or private sector- its essential to witness firsthand the powerful examples set by acknowledged experts for those who follow.

Leadership Hernando, the largest community leadership program in Hernando County, creates opportunities to observe, interact and learn from public, private and civic leaders across the county.

Since 1992, the mission of Leadership Hernando has been to encourage, develop and provide leadership for our community.

Twenty-five (25) participants are selected annually to complete twelve (12) all day sessions. To date, Leadership Hernando has graduated over 525 Leaders!

Why Leadership Hernando? What's In It for Me?

Everything! As long as making yourself more valuable to your company and to your community is important to you! Leadership Hernando provide more than an education, it helps cultivate your relationships.
  • Builds both business and personal contacts
  • Provides proven learning tools for business and community leaders
  • For newcomers to the community, it is a quick and complete orientation of Hernando County
  • Get connected and engaged!
  • High energy learning through hands-on experience
  • Classes are efficiently organized and professionally facilitated
  • Increases your community exposure and awareness

What's In It for My Company?

Your company will benefit from a proven developmental program that helps expand your scope and reach.
  • Creates opportunities to market your company
  • Develops your employees and improves retention
  • Leadership Hernando is often used as a recruiting tool, and as a vehicle for on-going professional training. 


June 6th                   Orientation

June 7th                   Team Buiding Day*

June 14th                 Criminal Justice Day

June 28th                 Economic Development Day

July 12th                  Government Day

July 26th                  Health Day

August 9th               SIMSOC*

August 23rd             Naturally Hernando Day

September 6th         Mining Day

September 20th       Education Day

October 4th              Community Impact Day

October 18th            First Responders Day

November 1st           Inspiration Day

November 9th          Graduation*


*Mandatory sessions which are required for
participants to become a Leadership Hernando

The Application Process

Applications for Leadership Hernando are available February through May of each year. The Committee interviews applicants in the month of May each year and selects only twenty-five (25) participants to embark on the six-month Leadership Hernando adventure. Since the number of appointments to Leadership Hernando is limited, applicants not selected are encouraged to reapply in subsequent years.
  • Networking with Business Leaders

  • Behind the Scenes Look of Our Business Community

  • Building Business Relationships

  • Building Long Lasting Friendships

Who Attends Leadership Hernando?